I live in Brooklyn, NY with my dog Harriet (the Spy). I'm either on a walk with her, snuggling her, or talking about her to anyone who will listen.

Before photography took over my life, I took a brief detour into the corporate world to use my degree in Public Relations. I quickly discovered that the office life was not for me--I need creative freedom and the ability to drop everything at a moment's notice to just go. I love working with people who have that same drive to purposefully seek what makes them happy, whether that's in an office or in a studio. Life is fleeting, which is why, I think, photography called to me. Documentation is so important, and I'm here to help. 

Allison: photographer

I capture meaningful memories using a hybrid of digital and film. I'm often juggling six cameras at once, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

You can be confident that your celebration will be documented in an honest, aesthetically-minded way. You will never feel pulled out of a moment for the sake of a photo--I strive to integrate myself into your day in a way that creates images that truly feel like a moment captured in time. Your wedding gallery will be a time capsule that transports you back into those emotions every time you view it. 

The Philosophy

| Baths--only showers for me, thanks!
| Movie plots based on miscommunication
| Spicy food
| Staying in one place for too long
| The middle seat on a plane
| People who are rude to service industry workers


| Walks through my neighborhood with a podcast playing
| Gold jewelry
| Reading for pleasure--my Kindle is my best friend
| Skincare--talk moisturizer and SPF with me anytime
| Vintage gowns
| Iced lattes, strictly before noon