You don't need a reason to celebrate--a portrait session alone or with your lover is the perfect way to capture life as it is right now. Let's take an evening walk in your neighborhood while the sun bathes you in golden light or drive downtown to your favorite bar for shots and photos. 


I'm not into cookie-cutter weddings, and if you're here, you probably aren't either. Wedding packages start at $8,000 and can be customized to fit your unique celebration. Every package includes a timeline consultation so we can work together with your planner (if you have one) to create a perfect day filled with everything important to you. 

I love being involved in your day from start to finish, whether that's me sending you a link to a vintage suit on The RealReal that made me think of you, or you sharing an amazing restaurant you just found for the post-ceremony dinner. This involvement helps you relax with me day-of and allows for truthful imagery. 


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